Sunday, May 07, 2006

Train, and farm update

How I wish that I had a picture of Pat and I to post here but they wouldn't let us bring cameras in at Chastain. oh, and there is the problem that I didn't actually meet them! Elif had her fellow Ritz-Carlton employee (who bartends for them whenever they are in town) tell Jimmy all about me. Wonder how crazed she made me sound? He said they would be happy to meet me but that this trip it couldn't happen as they were getting right in the bus after the show to drive to Miami for a concert there the next night. But, Nicolas and I did get to sit up front with Elif and her friends and it was an amazing show, as always. They are such good performers. Nicolas heard a bunch of guys in the restroom who had been dragged there by their girlfriends all raving about Train. sigh. You just have to experience it for yourself the next time they come within a 300 mile radius of you (even to a nearby state, or country for that matter - it's so worth it).

The kids spent the night with our homeschooling friends,Helen, Scott and their kids and had a blast with the twins. She has built a beautiful pond in their backyard with a gravel path leading up to it that will become a river (with a pump). I feel inspired to start working on our algae-infested pond and to get a pump for a water garden for the birds. Helen has a blog now about their garden and I'll post the address in my links.

Farm update....
The field is full of potatoes-

Nicolas' booth at the Sat. organic market in Atlanta

One last picture from life at home -
I have started exercising again and the kids were inspired to do their yoga tape -

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