Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Kids' Week of Theater

Missoula Theater, a touring company out of Montana, came to little Social Circle, GA last week to put up "The Frog Prince", in only a week. They tour the whole country, as well as many other countries, putting up plays in a week using the local kids.

Gillen and Jesse were a little hesitant about going but are so glad that they did. Jesse played a Venus Fly Trap and Gillen was a Spider. They did great! It was fun for me to see them experience a bit of the theater life that I come from . It's great living in the country and having their grandmother's farm to explore... But I was grateful for a bit of culture right here, not an hour away for a change.

I also got a week filled with space to do whatever I wanted for a large chunk of the day. I admit to loving that! Knowing most of the people that they were with and feeling secure that they were happy helped a lot.

Wish I had pictures but my camera's batteries died at the beginning of their photo shoot.

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Beth said...

The Missoula Children's Theatre is great! Sarah did The Frog Prince a couple years ago. She was one of the Ducks. We STILL sing the FlyTrap song around the house! It was SO cute! Flytraps! Venus FlyTraps!