Saturday, December 20, 2008

Farm Photos

These first two are from the farm party at Helen's. There were lots more farmers - these are just a few of the most photogenic:

I haven't been to the farm this week. These are from the week before. I've been crafting gifts, picking out paint colors and flooring for the new room, swapping cookies here with friends and welcoming my sister! My brother, his wife and their one year old are in a plane right now, making their long way here from summer, on the other side of the world.

Right now, at 6:41 am, Fracas the cat is still chasing the same tiny mouse that she has been playing with for over an hour. I have been begging her to have it for breakfast and put it out of its misery but she's not listening.

At least the final ducks' demise, this past week, was fast. They never knew what hit them. They were eating Helen's flowers, pooping on her porch and were roosting at night on the high tunnels, causing lots of damage. Nicolas and Helen had understandably lost all affection for the ducks. But I hadn't. We will all thank the ducks when they provide our Christmas feast.

I hope you are all enjoying your holidays.


Danielle said...

Ha! I have a total love/ hate relationship with our geese, so I can completely relate. I guess at this point, I can say they've gotten an official pardon from being Christmas dinner in the hopes they'll bring me baby geese in the spring. But this will be their last season to try! They're lucky I like goose so much! *eg*

*sigh* Those tunnels look so lovely.

Can't wait to see you guys! Please let me know if there's anything I can bring down.

Have wonderful holidays!

mindy said...

Wishing you the most fun ever with all your family coming to visit.

Tamar Orvell said...

Merry Christmas, Madeline. This morning I volunteered at a local synagogue's homeless shelter for women. I was thrilled to spend time with the residents whom Santa remembered well despite hard times in their lives and all around.

Madeline said...

Happy holidays, you beautiful women.