Sunday, March 01, 2009


I wished for Spring and got something so much better - a March 1st Georgia snowstorm! Jesse had never seen snow that he could remember and Gillen had never seen anything like this.

It started in the middle of the day with wet flakes, many of them as big as a half dollar. They didn't seem to be sticking but who expected anything like accumulation. We were just grateful they'd decided to show up.
I got a picture of the snow in my hair, thinking that was big.
Jesse made a large snow ball by collecting snow from around the trampoline for several runs.We discovered that you can look up into the falling snow more easily when the overhanging porch protects your eyelashes. Jesse called real snow "way better then he ever could have dreamed".
We had lots of walks with Tuki who discovered that she loves snow, and lots of snow ball fights with the neighborhood kids.
And we hadn't seen nothin' yet! There was loads of accumulation and now, hours later, it's still coming down. It is tapering off, which is good for our hoop houses at the farm, but just for one magical day (and maybe tomorrow?) it was a freshly covered, memory-provoking, abundant New England wonderland, in Georgia.
At one point, I was inside thawing my feet (we have the wrong shoes down here - I'd used sneakers until they were soaked and then cowboy boots). The kids and Nicolas were just outside playing. I heard a loud explosion, and then silence. They ran back and reported having seen a snow laden branch that was resting on a wire suddenly burst into flame. The fire immediately went out and so did our power.We had our little wood stove cranking, lots of candles, and a gas stove to make some simple food. The kids played a board game by candlelight and then decided to play their instruments for us in the inviting golden light. It was so Little House on the Prairie, with a bit less fiddle experience ; ). I was thinking about how happy I was to go to bed early (I had a bad migraine last night) when suddenly the power came back, and with it our ability to stay up and get our entertainment elsewhere. I guess eventually it would have gotten old. While I typed this, I'd left the light in this room off and the candles burning. But the typos were getting scary.


Beachbum said...

I want some snow cream!!!! It was Kai's favorite thing to make in PA.

It looks so fun. I loved the pictures. Enjoy!!

gail said...

I loved all these pictures and wished Logan had been there to play in the snow. How fun!