Friday, February 12, 2010

Learning something new

Since December, I've rarely been on the internet, except to google a few things and to buy some others. I have checked email once or twice a day, though sometimes I've even forgotten to do that. I didn't plan to stop checking blogs or writing here. It was the result of learning something new. It started with meditating. Consistently. Every day. That was new. And then I wanted to learn how to paint. Last week, it was collages.

In addition, waiting for Gillen to come out of his guitar class one day, I bought a keyboard. I've been reteaching myself piano (it's been thirty years). Crazy, eh? I'm lovin' it.

Of course, when you are surrounded by kids who have the freedom to follow every new passion and whim where it may lead, you tend to want to follow suit. Especially when they are old enough that there is room in the day to do so.

And it was Zoe. My friend Zoe left this world in early January after a long battle with breast cancer. She was so intense in her commitment to her kids and to her other passions; I think I have felt inspired to live fully committed to every moment, since I am still here and I can. Zoe means life. I feel imbued with life right now.

Though it may only happen once a month, I do want to stay connected to family and friends through this blog, and by reading others' wonderful blogs. Facebook - hmmm. That's a bit harder to take on part-time, but it feels better than quitting it completely, for now.

Today, several inches of snow had the boys building forts in the backyard and I picked up my camera - for the first time in months.

Again, after getting snow here just last March, a winter wonderland, here in Georgia:
Life is good.


Heart Rockin Mama said...

I am so glad to hear from you here, even if it is only every once in a while :)
Glad you are enjoying yourself!

mrs boo radley said...

Loved hearing from you here, Madeline!

kelli said...

Isn't this life just grand? I learn every day from these kids of mine :) Miss you, and I totally understand about the internet thing. It really can take up so much time. I've started morning meditation too, I'll see where it takes me *hugs*

Alecto said...

So glad you posted! It sounds like you're having a wonderful time!


Sara said...

Sounds like your life is rich and full. I tend to take Internet in cycles. I can't keep up with it full-time. Too many other things I want to do.

Tamar Orvell said...

Funny how I checked your blog today! Not funny though poignant is that I, too, took on a double-life of a kind when my dear pal of 30 years died of metastatic colon cancer three years ago. She left sons, a husband, blahblahblah. The loss was personal for so many in her world. And I instantly vowed with a vengeance of sorts to live my life so fully that I would be doing some for Jean, too. It made and makes sense with the senseless loss. Glad you're back on the piano and anything else your heart (happy Valentine's Day!) desires.å

laura said...

you inspire me =)

persephone said...

Ahhh like a big tall glass of cold cucumber water! Thank you for quenching my thirst and being inspirational.

gail said...

I miss your face :-) Will you be at Cameron's symposium? Would so love to catch all that you wrote about here.<3

Dina said...

So glad to see you back here! I've missed your entries!

Mama said...

I read your blog often and it inspires me to be present with my own children. Your recent post seems reflected in my most recent post, and I think you might enjoy it. We are on a different coast and my kids are different ages, but I like how honestly you write and how your photos have deep meaning. So, with that, I hope you enjoy your invitation to my blog and know that you inspire three time zones away.

Anonymous said...
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Cam said...

Will be glad to see what you say, whenever you come here to say it!!

We just got a VW bus to restore, so my son & I are spending so much time outdoors. I have a system about checking blogs, blogging myself, twitter, facebook, & email. It really cut down on the time I spent at this screen! Works for me!!

I still cannot wrap my mind around you getting that much snow in this same state where we saw flurries for about half an hour & people went NUTS! Apparently, it had been a few years! :)

I understand that kind of inspiration. I have/had a friend that inspires me in a similar way... You're right: Life is Good!

mamak said...

I miss your writing. I was at Jean's unschoolers rock the campground trip, and your name came up, and a lot of people miss you.. So I just wanted to drop by and say hey.

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