Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Kids' Week of Theater

Missoula Theater, a touring company out of Montana, came to little Social Circle, GA last week to put up "The Frog Prince", in only a week. They tour the whole country, as well as many other countries, putting up plays in a week using the local kids.

Gillen and Jesse were a little hesitant about going but are so glad that they did. Jesse played a Venus Fly Trap and Gillen was a Spider. They did great! It was fun for me to see them experience a bit of the theater life that I come from . It's great living in the country and having their grandmother's farm to explore... But I was grateful for a bit of culture right here, not an hour away for a change.

I also got a week filled with space to do whatever I wanted for a large chunk of the day. I admit to loving that! Knowing most of the people that they were with and feeling secure that they were happy helped a lot.

Wish I had pictures but my camera's batteries died at the beginning of their photo shoot.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Gillen's summer crops

Gillen loves the farm. He spent most of his first years there, napping on Nicolas' or my back while we worked, chasing butterflies, digging for Jerusalem Artichokes. By the age of four he was riding the tractor alone (when I wasn't there to see) and was selling vegetables that he had helped to produce, from his own table next to Nicolas' booth at the farmers' market. While Jesse is happiest with a good book, a long game or a huge puzzle challenge, Gillen is restless when home for more than a few days in a row. He is a farmer. He was there all week, working 8 hour days. This morning he got up at 5am to go with his father to the market (Jesse and I prefer to go later!). He is putting most of the money he earns in a savings account with plans to use it to take us all around the world.

This summer he is growing 1/5 of an acre of corn and a small row of watermelon. When I was taking pictures there the other day (to make a sign for our new store) Gillen rode up excitedly on his bike, covered in sweat, proudly clutching his first ear of the season. I think he may have picked it a week too early but he inhaled the hard kernels with gusto.