Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ready for anything

Gillen and Jesse oufitted themselves for a Sun. adventure at the farm with Papa. Gillen is in camouflage in order to bird watch in the woods and has his tennis racquet for practicing with papa at the public court on the way home; Jesse has a backpack filled with field guides for any snakes or bugs or trees they he want to identify and they have their new walkie talkies from the geocache box at the Live and Learn conference last week. They traded "Fluke" for them. This was a DVD I had really wanted them to see because I loved it so much but they were dead set against it. I think the walkie talkies may be cooler than even Fluke.

Later - They saw a Plain Bellied Water Snake and a lizard ("Brown something" says Jesse) and got really wet in the creek. A good day all around.

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Damien Donck said...

Looking good for a fun day.
wish I could be there. Damien