Saturday, October 15, 2005

Thankyou Live and Learn conference...

Until last week, I had only seen one blog entry before and knew next to nothing about them. At the L&L unschooling conference (inspiring, life-changing really) that my family and I attended last week in St. louis, I learned about blogging from Danielle Conger. Thankyou Danielle, for answering my blogging and life questions at the confernce (and in the future : ) ). I am really excited to record our unschooling journey here and to keep in touch with family, friends and unschoolers.

I would love to start by raving about the conference but my time has run out, for now. It is Nicolas and my 10th anniversary! Next week we will be celebrating alone (a rare occurence for us) but tonight we are sharing chocolate and our wedding video with our children and will maybe even share a sip of our wine -the wine we drank at our wedding -- Ravenswood Red Zinfandel - dry, red and mighty fine! So I need to go make our special dinner adn break out the wine and organic truffles.

Welcome to my blog. Wierd word to me still, that. "blog"


significant and other said...

Hi Madeline,
I don't know if I met you at the conference, but I know I met Jesse. I helped him find someone who knew where to find you on the last day when he was looking for you. He was so cute.

I found your blog through Vicki's blog. I was her roomie ( I hope you enjoy the blogging, and I hope to meet you in Albuquerque!

Vicki said...

I'm glad you got your blog up and running. I tried to post to mine last night and I can't get them to publish to my blog...guess I won't be much help after all! LOL Vicki

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Live and Learn - I certainly did too. I can't remember if I saw you there or not, but it was a pretty hectic few days for our family and my memory for people never was as good as it should be. Have fun blogging!

Greg said...
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