Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Farm Photos

I'm feeling especially grateful for the farm right now. Plus, the autumn light, not to mention the autumn vegetables, demanded more than one post this week.

Red Meat Radishes:Biking farmer, with a carrot:
Acorn Squash:
Mexican Sage:


piscesgrrl said...

Hey! I was just perusing your blog (which led me to search for the songs in your sidebar!) and then up popped a comment from you on mine. :)

Glad to hear the diet gets easier. It sure is bland though. Any suggestions for adding FLAVOR? Growing weary of plain meat, eggs, and sauteed veggies. It's a strange feeling to not be able to eat anything in the pantry! I'm really not craving certain foods (well, sugar sometimes, after meals especially)... it's more just a general sense of my hunger not being satisfied. I eat a lot! And forget going out - wow.

I love all the pictures on your blog. What a sweet life you have!

Madeline said...

Laura, whom I realize I called Lura (the first of many typos) in that comment! I shouldn't type and talk at the same time. Anyway, I so feel for you on that candida diet. It is rough at first. It really does get easier and then you get to reintroduce foods. It's been a while since I did it full out, but I do remember getting really good cuts of meat and loving that. I also made lots of soups with good chicken stock. I wonder if you can eat gluten free breads? There are lots out there. I loved the book, Gluten Free Girl. She also has a great blog. Hang in there.

piscesgrrl said...

I forgot about the Gluten Free Girl - thanks! I'd found her when my son was on this diet years ago. Trouble is, I'm not only gluten-free, but also vinegar-, sugar-, dairy-, and fruit-free too. I did buy some stevia and just having a cup of decaf coffee (oh ya, can't have caffeine either) with a bit of sweet in it was such a treat!

I'm going on a month and still having symptoms, so I'll keep going until I have a span of days symptom-free. Otherwise, not sure when I'll know it's ok to add things back in slowly.

Thx for the chin up!