Saturday, October 04, 2008


Despite having discovered the really cool graphics and challenges of on-line gaming (in Runescape and World Of Warcraft) the guys surprised me by taking out several board games this week and Jesse created a new WOW-inspired outdoors game.

We played Imaginiff with Logan. In this game you imagine how the people playing, as well as people whom you all know, would answer several questions. I love that they included "Daddy" for Logan's father and "Papa" for Nicolas.

We have three Monopoly games - the original one, which we turned into a bird/dinosaur monopoly game years ago, the Here and Now American version and the Here and Now Australian version. The other day, Gillen's friend Aaron skipped school in honor of his birthday and we played the Australian version with him for hours.We also played it with other friends another day this week:

Jesse usually goes alone to "training" for his imaginary WOW raids, when Logan is not around. But this time, I followed. Tuki always tags along. See her? The small red, ecstatic motion in the middle of the field?

And I've been getting in shape dancing with Jesse in the wii dance dance revolution game and reliving songs that I danced to in the eighties. Scary.


laura said...

ooh we love board games too!! monopoly is one that we have to take a whole day for, winter is good for that!!!

hey, it is never ever ever ever scary to dance to 80s music!!! LOL!!! my kids say the funniest thing...if they hear a song they don't recognize they ask 'is that from the 80s??' too funny. we're getting a wii as a family gift this year and i'm hoping to eventually get the dance games!!! you know i love to dance!! now THAT is sometimes scary ;)

Madeline said...

Laura, I love to dance too. We have to dance together next time! The really scary part about the wii dance game's music is that it is not the original music. : ( It is a wii version. But I just dance through it and think about how bad some of these songs were, even originally. I am a 60's, 70's and especially current music lover myself.

Angie said...

We have not played Monopoly forever! This reminds me to get it out - maybe today, as it is raining and yucky out.

Do you have the Wii Fit? Is that the only way you can have DDR? I love that game.

Also, I gave you a run-down of our salsa on my site - hope it helps:)

Madeline said...

Angie, we don't have the wii fit. We got the DDR game instead. I can't do the salsa this year as the last of our tomatoes are bringing in too much money! But next year, I'll be more industrious earlier.

Schuyler said...

We got the DDR game as well. I love it. And don't do it as much as I did at first. I'm not much better than when I started, but I can manage some songs on difficult. It's good.