Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A day in Brugges

The day after Nicolas and I got home to Holland (late) from Italy, Marie-Helene and Jean-Pierre told us that we were going to Brugges that day, by bike. I'm sure that they asked us if we wanted to go, but I was coming down with a flue that day and my French wasn't so good. I'm glad that I didn't think there was a choice. Even with the fog of flue and with a head that screamed in pain when my bike wheels had to maneuver too many uneven cobblestones, I loved this day. Brugges is surrounded by a moat and by fortress entrances. We took a guided boat ride on the canal and got to see all of the oldest buildings up close. The guide was great - he called the green statue of a woman lying on her stomach "woman looking for contact lens". For more detail, you can click on my flickr id and see the brief photo descriptions there. The first few photos are of Damme, the town that is half way to Brugges from where we were staying.


kelli said...

How cool is it that they had bikes for you guys? and that it was within biking distance :)

Those dogs are adorable and the buildings and the ducks and swans, OK, so yeah, I would love to live in Europe.

EC said...

OMG I have been reading through all these posts and WOW. What an adventure! The food, the scenery, all beautiful! You have reignited the fire in me to travel outside the US, which I've never done. It looks like such a wonderful time. I'm resisting the urge to sell all of our belongings and move to Europe immediately!

Madeline said...

It is so cool that they have enough bikes on hand for all the children and grandchildren! And that there are bike paths every where.

Evie, GO! I'd love to see your pictures of Europe.

littlepurplecow said...

Love these pics. What an awesome experience.