Thursday, November 13, 2008

Grateful to be Here

Really. I confess that I kind of did want to move to the little village of Benne Vagienna in Italy, and even more to Nicolas' family's biking community in Holland. Last January, it was Sydney and the Blue Mountains of Australia that had my heart. Can you blame me?

But I do love our life here. Luckily, this year's election week was a good week to be coming home to America. Yes, it was.

Big reasons to be cheerful:

We got ourselves a video camera. Our other one has been dead for a while now. Nicolas wants me to make educational farming You Tube videos. But in the meantime, Jesse and Gillen have been spending hours filming bike-stunt (well, they try for bike crashes actually) videos. My favorite part is watching Jesse watch himself. I want to record that giggle; and put away that laundry.Lat weekend had us at yet another food event, this one on a local southern farm with bluegrass playing and all the best chefs in Atlanta cooking. We go to this one every year.This time Nicolas was excited to be paired with the restaurant Five Seasons Brewing.They dipped his sweet baby turnips into a carmelized butternut squash sauce:In another booth his African squash made an appearance in an array of local vegetables that were fried in a tempura batter. Mmmmmm...And lastly, tonight is the long awaited So You Think You Can Dance concert in Atlanta. That show was our summer obsession and inspired Jesse to start dancing. The kids and I are meeting Mindy and her family there. We'll turn that Crystal Organic Farm sign into one that celebrates our favorite dancers.


EC said...

good grief! You make veggies look so good!

littlepurplecow said...

Oh, I hated to miss Les Dames this year. How great that Nicolas and the fruits of your labor were on display. Looking forward to seeing your videos. Love to you all.

Rachel said...

I am positively swooning to taste a baby turnip dipped in caramelized butternut squash sauce.

And hey, I know I mentioned them before, but our CSA has just started doing some "educational" farm videos with each week's online newsletter. Thought you might want to check them out for some ideas:
Angelic Organics Newsletter

Madeline said...

Rachel, thanks for that link. What a beautiful and organized farm!

Stephanie, I was so hoping to see you guys there. Next year!

Thanks Evie. They taste pretty darn good.

Angie said...

Oh, Madeline - I've been gone for so long and just spent a wonderful hour getting caught up on all your travels. Your pictures are beautiful and your trip looks like it was amazing.

I'm going to follow your link and suggestion about the Slow Food delegates....I would love to be involved in something like that.

Not sure if your reference to 'the red-head in Wisconsin' was for me, but if it was - you are too sweet:)

Glad to be back and look forward to continued reading of this great blog.

Madeline said...

Angie, of course you are the red head. The Wisconsin one anyway. I need to catch up on yours now.