Sunday, April 26, 2009

Inman Park Festival

There were beautiful booths, and wonderful company (the Traaseths, the Stonebrakers and a surprise appearance by the Epsteins).
But this year, as opposed to last year, I didn't see much of the parade. Gillen and those who were brave enough to withstand the heat and massive crowds saw plenty. I watched those watching:
And then turned around (in the artist's booth I was in with Alec) and watched the sculptures, who were watching something far far away:
I walked a few feet back to our friend Terry's house, looked up and watched Jesse and Ike staying cool in a tree:
and then cooling off closer to the earth.I also snuck a peek at the wee girl behind them. I wonder if that's how big Isha will be (my sister's new babe) when I see her next month.

Now, I'm ready to watch my boys fill up the pool (their favorite part of spring).


laura said...

looks like a hot good time!! ouch on the face plant though =)

wish we could've made it...maybe next year!!

laura said...

LOL, the face plant comment was referring to your post from last year's festival...oops!

laura said...
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mindy said...

Wish we could have been there....well, except for the outrageous heat! When are you people planning on coming :) I'm needing a fix!