Thursday, September 24, 2009

Out of Control

This week, there were the floods in Georgia (the farmer in this NY Times article is a friend and has more damage than he even realized in the interview) and the orange dust storms in Sydney, and probably some other unusual weather elsewhere on the globe that I don't know about, all of which could make a human being feel kind of out of control and vulnerable. It could provoke a need to take control in other ways.

I was thinking about this last night at Gillen's baseball game. As usual at these games (and at our local wally world - at least when I used to go there) there were several parents seriously wielding control over their kids. It sounded like this - "What are you doing out there! Wake up."; "Ah, you're not sick, drink some water."; "Hope you have a good game 'cause this is going to be the last one you get to play!" This is all said with patronizing, screechy voices.

There are other, loving, trusting parents in the stands. And there is the joy and thrill on my kids' faces when they make the hit or cheer on their team mates. I try to focus on that and keep my glaring down to a minimum.

Wouldn't it be cool if these frustrated parents were given control over the refreshment stand at the first sign of needing to control their kids? The more artistic ones could paint murals about global warming or kids rights in the parking lot. Or, there is always toilet patrol.

I have to write about this here so that I won't lose control myself when witnessing this the next game.


Sarah said...

Ugh. I feel the same way after going to parks or even to family gatherings. At a park one day with my sister, we watched a family reunion that was so horrid that we left the park early. Just pure nasty parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles. Poor kids.

Heart Rockin Mama said...

This is how I feel almost every time I go to Walmart!

I love the fact that my kids notice it, too. They have come up to me at playgrounds and asked to leave because people were being mean to their kids. AT A PLAYGROUND... hello?
Drue recently asked if we could leave a store so she could go home and hug Declan. When I asked why it was because someone had just been mean to a boy his age and it made her upset!

Maybe all the kids who are growing up like ours will spread it more...

A Rose said...

Yuck. Even though I have had a "patronizing screechy voice" more times than I want to even count (working on it) :-( , I do know what you are saying. And the kids do see it.

My eldest got upset at on a camping trip because one of his friend's Mom wanted to put his friend in time out for something or other. He thought it was a very cruel thing to threaten his friend with and wanted to tell the Mom off.

We took the kids to the AAA ballpark in Gwinnett to see a night game between the G-Braves and my kids' grandparent's team, the Scranton Yankees a few weeks ago. I felt horrible for the kid in front of us. The mom kept telling the kid that he wasn't getting any junk food. This was before we had our hot dogs, followed by cotton candy, followed by ice cream. The poor kid saw my kids having a ball and at one point told his Mom she was mean. At least three times. I wanted to ask her why it was ok for her to have a liquid refined carb treat (beer) but her kid couldn't have a solid refined carb treat. I do think I saw him with a box of some kind of candy before we left, but sheesh, what he had to go through to get it.

mamak said...

I hate being around people like this. My heart aches for the kids and I have to bite my tongue hard. But I try to think about how these parents were treated as kids and try to make sense of their actions that way. It helps a teeny bit.