Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The sunny side

Despite another huge storm yesterday, in which Tuki went to even greater lengths to feel safe:I have to say, it hasn't exactly been torturous in here. I think I whinged too much in my last post. There has been loads of game playing:A world was completed:And we had mammoth appreciation this morning for the clear skies.

Gillen decided to make a huge menu with lots of choices, from which he fed us breakfast and lunch today(and insisted on helping to clean up). Here Jesse is enjoying his breakfast from "In the Garden" cafe. Lunch was served on the side porch. Jesse and I give it five stars.After breakfast, struck by the magic of sun rays coming through our sky light, we ran outside with dog and bikes:and I smelled that good camp-memory inducing green mildewy smell - a smell so different from the mildewy smell (slowly dissipating, or we are just getting too used to it) inside.

Huge puddles provided the moistness our new reptilian bodies now crave:
As did a skinny dip in the pool!

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Persephone said...

Rain must be more fun with the boys! Glad it has passed though, for all spirits involved.