Tuesday, February 05, 2008

February farm day

Yesterday, I had to take a picture of our photogenic farmer, for an Atlanta newspaper article:I had planned to then let the kids play or work there while I did errands. But it wasn't cold. I wasn't needed to turn upside down to pick (which makes me dizzy). When I'm not experiencing extreme temperatures or vertigo the farm is one of my favorite places to be. So I delayed the errands for a few hours.

I helped Gillen to move his temporary turkey fencing to another area. All three of Gillen's turkeys are female (Danielle called it when she visited, knowing from their lack of gobble that they were girls). Until Gillen finds his hens some toms, they have nothing much to do with their time, but poop and eat. So Nicolas decided to put them to work eating weed seeds and creating fertilizer in some of his beds. Below, Gillen is moving them out of their permanent roosting area into their new daytime digs:So graceful and musical, in a picture anyway.

Another constant farm chore - repairs. This time it was a leaky irrigation pipe. Gillen got to help dig out the dirt around the leak so as to have more room to feel for the hole. What a great excuse to play in the mud. Jesse contributed some friendly supervising.
Jesse did some seeding to earn money towards his wii. We discussed which were our favorite Super Bowl commercials, and why. His was the NY parade one that had the Charlie Brown balloon winning the coke. I liked the "WallE" preview from Pixar. Gillen moving Cody into the new space. Of the original fifteen poults that he bought back in August, Cody is the only one that survived.
And there was still time for the boys to play "dogs". From the top of a composted soil pile (this one was delivered, not created on our farm), Gillen is stalking a rooster. Jesse was somewhere nearby, dragging a leash as he snuck through the wood pile.


Vicki said...

We didn't watch the superbowl but afterwards Joey and the boys gathered around the computer and watched ALL the commercials online. Too fun. My favorites were the two EBaby ones, and Pepsi did a great job with Justin Timberlake, too. The boys' favorite was the Doritos one with the giant mouse attacking him! lol dang that was funny.

Rachel said...

Looks like a beautiful day at the farm! Although I thoroughly enjoyed hearing all about your travels (and got very envious too!), I'm really happy to be reading posts about your every day life (loved the one about Gillen's restaurant).

And that's a great photo of Nicholas!

Damien Donck and my wife Stacy Donck said...

everybody looks good. Jessie looked like he enjoys supervising the big dig. which photo will be in the newspaper and when??

Danielle said...

Oooh, yay! A farm post! ;) You know I'm all about the farm.

Give all your boys a great big hello.

Madeline said...

I knew you'd be pleased Danielle :)

Damien, we'll send you a copy. It will be in March.

Vicki, I had them call me in for the commercials. I think so many great directors have switched to commercials for the money. SOme of those were genius!

Thanks Rachel.

Anonymous said...

What is it about boys and dirt? :)

p.s. I wanted to say a belated "thanks" for stopping by my blog. I'm also in Atlanta, so it was a pleasant surprise to see that in your profile.

Tamar Orvell said...

looking at the hothouse photo in your blog title i eye those israeli watering hoses that only a desert people would have invented. when i was at the farm w steph this summer, nicholas showed me the hoses (which i instantly recognized) that water just in time, just the right amount. not a drop goes to waste. and when i told my cousin here, in jerusalem, the other day about nicholas' israeli watering hoses, they said HOW DO YOU [meaning bookworm, you] KNOW A FARMER? so thanks to you and to The Farmer, aka Roy, I wowed my cousins. xoxo

Madeline said...

Krystyn, thanks for visiting. I look forward to seeing your site again when it's up.

Tamar, that is so cool. I didn't know that they were Israeli watering hoses. Hope you're having a wonderful time over there.

homemoma said...

what a great day you had there. looks a lot like spring. it is still mud season here.

i love those every-day posts.

idiotic question about turkeys: how do you have such a freindly turkeys? here turkeys are known as very angry and vicious birds that attack very easily everybody.

Gillen said...

homemama, I am sorry it took me so long to answer this. I think that it is because they are female but I don't know for sure.