Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monday Farm Photos

Gillen released his new ducks from their pen yesterday. After five days they become used to the place where they are being fed and, in theory, don't fly away. They flew a bit. But mostly they just waddled around in a tight knit group, exploring. They must be pretty content with their new digs as the males have already started pouncing upon the females. Let the breeding begin!
Their quacking conference by the compost gave me a chance to get a close-up.
Tender new kale to eat tonight (with kielbasa,potatoes and muenster cheese in a casserole).
The parsley smells like spring.
The broccoli that we ate last night with farm eggs and cheese for dinner.


Sara said...

It's blowing my mind that edible stuff is growing there right now! Enjoy it all, you lucky lucky people! :)

Rachel said...

Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow. I just can't believe that you are able to eat some of your plantings already. It's just amazing. It looks delicious. It makes me so happy to think of you eating food you have grown THIS YEAR! I can't wait until spring comes here! I'm already thinking about what we will plant. Thanks for the inspiration!

Madeline said...

yeah, there is a big payoff for farming in GA. But in August, when I am melting (and feeling)like the Wicked Witch, enjoy your northern cities.

I do feel so so lucky to get fresh vegetables.

Rachel said...

Hey Madeline! I'm back again, this time with a tag for you...play if you want, rules are here: