Monday, February 25, 2008

On Whingeing and Worrying and hope

Inspired by the laid-back Aussies, I committed to no whingeing this year (their word for whining) and have not had much trouble with this resolution, though it got challenging this past week. Nicolas was struck down by an evil respiratory flue and Gillen's head was visited by uninvited little squatters - yes, lice. So it was a week of shampoos, shower caps, laundry, serving, cleaning, playing nurse and then more cleaning.

Nicolas is not very happy when he is forced to stop. The kids weren't super excited about wearing shower caps over the homeopathic lice lotion for four hours instead of going to our weekly playgroup...

Those more challenging moments are just "unlucky" as Gillens' soccer coach used to say. It is tempting to whinge, in a cynical, caustic manner like the lead character on "House" that I love so much (great series that we are watching on netflix). But instead, I'm going to focus on the silver lining:

-The hour when Gillen, Jesse and I groomed one another like chimpanzees in the hunt for lice. Maybe the fact that we only found them (and not many) on Gillen's head helped make this sweet rather than horrifying.

-Gillen's shorter hair. He agreed to let me cut a few inches off of the back and sides in order to have less hair to treat. Despite my chop job with bad scissors, it looks amazing.

-There was lots of very cool lego and playmobil creating upstairs. Jesse's solar-powered town and Gillen's dairy and pineapple farm bartered with one another amicably, while I got to read "Pippi Longstocking" to the builders during breaks in their negotiations. These moments in lego/playmobil land with a good book make me so happy.

-Seeing the small-budget film "Once" (that I talked about last year) win best song at the Oscars. It is so hopeful when a low-budget simple expression can move so many. That's what the film makers' song ("Falling Slowly") is about.

-Recognizing that I am really not a whinger, but am a worrier. So I won't have a hard time with this year's resolution; though it may be time to get real and take on that other Aussie inspiration - "no worries".

-We are heading into a new week.


kelli said...

Sorry you had to go through the lice thing, not fun. Yet with the silver lining it is manageable :)

I'm hoping to see "Once" this week, it's on the queue. And we have some sickness going on around here so I'm pretty sure movie viewing will be happening.

Kelly said...

Leave it to you to make the best of it! You always make me try a little harder to be a better person. Thanks for that! Although, I don't think I will ever be one to not worry - it's what I do. LOL!

Kimba said...

Now I don't feel so bad for missing out on your playgroup either ;)

Let me see if we can visit this week.

who had young friend who got lice recently -- he enjoyed having his hair treatment though;)

Angie said...

Oh, the worrying - it never stops. My husband is a complete non-worrier and I just can't seem to get the hang of it.

I believe it's automatic once you become a mother.