Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I wore his sunglasses at night...

Last night, Nicolas and I went out again! Amazing,eh? Two nights in a row. We ate Thai, I drank sake - sake is my excuse for what happened (but it is a very bad excuse as I wasn't feeling it a bit by the time we left).

What I did was to wear Nicolas' Ray Ban sunglasses into the restaurant. I brought his sunglasses in when I didn't even bring in my purse. It was twilight. There wasn't a ray to be seen anywhere. I hardly ever even wear sunglasses during the daytime. These below are Gillen's. They are small and my eyelashes hit them when I blink, so I grabbed Nicolas' last night, as we left for our date. I did used to love that song, by Cory Hart. Maybe it was a moment of nostalgia? I used to wear glasses walking around NYC, listening to him on my walk-man and, at nineteen, I felt very hip.

I don't even really need sunglasses as I have hazel eyes. Nicolas has blue eyes and very much needs his sunglasses, which is why I bought him a pair, for his 40th birthday. We were in Sydney. As it was a big birthday, my brother took me to a store far away to buy good ones - Ray Bans. They would replace these Ray Bans that his sister had given him:I had criticized them and had then lost them, on our first day in Sydney, by wearing them to Balmorel Beach. So Nicolas was really happy to get these:
They now remind him of Sydney, and of this girl,
And this guy,
And of Naomi of course - I just don't happen to have him in sunglasses with her...

You know how this ends, right? I woke up this morning and sat bolt upright in bed, finally aware of the horrendous crime that I had once again committed against my husband. I had worn his glasses and then lost them. I have only worn them twice. I have lost them both times.

What is making this time even worse is the fact that I know that the waitress took them! We were the last ones at that table last night. This morning when I called the restaurant, I talked to her and she was flustered. Nicolas went there on his way home from a delivery and she was nervous. : /

But this is about me and my stupidity, not her bad karma...

I will never wear his sunglasses again as long as we both shall live. Obviously, you should never lend me a pair of yours. I will revise the book I wrote or write a better one so as to generate lots of cash for the purchase of a new, even better pair. Or I'll sell something really cool - when I can figure out what that would be.

I found one more picture of Nicolas with his beautiful shades - this time in the USA, with our friend Joe whom we bumped into after fifteen years! He was one of the cooks at Eat Your Vegetables, the restaurant where we met. sigh.

Little did the Belgian know, back in our innocent days of slinging hash (actually, we were serving vegetables) that he was getting involved with a sunglass-losing hag.

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Donck Family said...

It's only sunglasses, no big deal.