Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A plug for Nanowrimo

I got so much help from this book, (No Plot, No Problem) written by the man behind the idea of Nonowrimo. I was wary of doing the challenge in November with everyone else as I wasn't sure how many hours I would have to myself in November. It would have been great to have had a huge pool of fellow writers who just experienced the same insanity for a month - to share the let-down and also congratulate each other. Maybe I'll do this again some November. The book was my support. His advice worked so well for me that I'm continuing to follow it now. He recommends leaving the writing alone for a few weeks before starting revisions. I am wanting to keep going. But I think my brain needs to look elsewhere for awhile - like to the real bees in my back yard. They are taking over the hummingbird feeders, drinking all of the sugar water within a day of filling it for the birds. It's time to go have a serious talk with them, though I may have to channel my favorite character, brave Beatrice.I learned a few things about myself doing this challenge:
  • Sometimes I need structure (in this case - deadlines, word counts, daily routine) to get going. This realization has helped me to understand one of my sons better.
  • I am a writer. I may not be a good writer but I'm not going to feel self-indulgent for doing it.
  • I learned that you ought to be in shape before you sit at a computer for hours. It can be a dangerous thing to not move at all for hours and then jump up and dance as if you were still young and nimble when a good song emerges on your writing soundtrack.
  • Until my kids are older, I will only write when they are happily occupied or asleep.
The book's bees did deliver their message last night and then landed, much more gracefully than I had hoped. The first draft is done. I'm waiting on the champagne for the revision, or until Nicolas and I are not too tired to enjoy the whole bottle - whichever comes first ; )


Kat said...

Oh, I have a solution for the bees on the hummingbird feeder...if you are looking for a solution :-) Just put vaseline on it. And that reminds me that I need to go out and get fresh water in our feeder...

Angie said...

Congratulations on ending your first draft. Let the champagne flow!

One of your four bullet points is the toughest one for me: I'm a writer. Everytime I get to that point, I can't utter the words.

Wonder why that is?

Enjoy your accomplishment.

FLO said...

Yay for you! Thanks for sharing your words with us- I love your story and want more!! Yes, you are a writer. :)

Madeline said...

Kat, I was looking for a solution. Thank you! There is a whole pond for the bees. I didn't want them chasing away our hummingbirds when I take so much time making them sugar water twice a week, no matter how much I love the bees.

Angie, I am not a writer in any way other than that I love to write. I only meant that. You definitely are a writer, by the way.

Flo, thank you!

Ché & Fidel said...

Congratulations...what a wonderful feeling! Yes, sitting at a computer for a long time is not good for the body, the eyes or the mind. Hopefully you took my yoga advice! Eye exercises are good too. Thanks also for the lovely comment you posted on my blog...I'm very honoured to look like Beatrice.

mindy said...

You Go Girl!!! Oh Happy Day!!! I am so proud for you!!! Love, love, love to everybody!!!!

Allison said...

Just wanted to say hi. Found your blog through Foothill Home Companion which I found by way of Five Sweet Peas. I live near Atlanta too and am glad to have found your blog.

I'm trying my hand at growing an organic garden in my backyard and am just starting to explore schooling or unschooling options for our son. Look forward to visiting your blog from time to time!

Bhu said...

YAY Nanowrimo!!! Yay Maddie! I am so proud of you and so impressed with your hard work and dedication. I can't wait to read your work one day. xo