Sunday, July 06, 2008

One Local Summer - week five

A summer wreath:
We had vegetables and eggs from our farm tonight for our local only dinner. The corn, basil and tomatoes were from Gillen's portion of the back yard farm and the cherry tomatoes, green beans and eggs were from our big farm. We used butter from a farm in Moultrie, GA. We also did use cheddar cheese in the omellette and mozzarella cheese with the tomatoes, basil and olive oil. Both cheeses were organic, but not at all local. I drool when I look at Danielle's cheeses (this post of hers has great info. about cheese making) that she is creating with the milk from her new cow.

Earlier this afternoon, Gillen used blackberries that he and Nicolas picked this morning to make a blackberry cobbler. It didn't last long. We definitely need more of that in our life.
Nicolas saw my pictures and felt that the green beans were not represented enough. They are so hard to pick that they need to be appreciated fully. They truly were delicious. Small, tender, steamed fillet beans with a dab of butter melting over them. Mmmmm. What I need is a picture of the main farmer leaning over picking them, sweat on his brow, a burning ache in his back. They are almost as much of a pain to pick as okra, but just as good to eat.


Ché & Fidel said...

So so yummy...I bet it tastes even better because you know it's been grown with love!

Gypsy Root said...

I just found your blog (happily so)
What a lovely the local theme. The mozzarella, basil and tomatoes look- well, lets just say we are having that for dinner tomorrow.
Can't wait to read more.

Danielle said...

Oh man, this is the worst part about the local summer challenge: the jealousy over those in different zones. I can't believe you guys have tomatoes and corn already! You're about a month ahead of me, I'd guess.

My green beans and squash and basil are just getting going. We've been so wet that it's hard to get seeds in. Such are the vagaries of planting outside rather than in those gorgeous high tunnels.

I need to try my hand at mozzarella. Once the tomatoes are in, I'll have plenty of incentive.

Madeline said...

Danielle, a friend of mine makes mozzarella. She says it is very easy. I'm ready to try.

Can you believe that we are getting so much rain? I hope it lasts.

Nice to meet you Gypsy Root. What a great name.

THey do taste better when they are locally grown. Gillen said the same thing last night - Sunday local only dinners are his favorite. We are doing more and more of this every year.