Saturday, August 08, 2009

Right now

But for the summer buzz of crickets outdoors and the sound of Tuki's sighs at my feet, it is quiet. Nicolas took Gillen and Jesse to the horse auction down the street (with a detour to the farm to clip the wings of young turkeys; they were flying over the fence and into the green houses).

We had Kelli and her family here for the last two days. SO nice to be with them. They were our second family from Gainesville this week. Wendy and Shelby visited for dinner on Wed.

Before we can get too lonely, Mindy and her family will be here tomorrow night and the next day. They're going with us to an unschooling not-back-to-school party at a local state park lake and beach.

But for now, in this vast, still moment, it is just me, Tuki at my feet, Fracas in the art room and the baby Carolina Wren in the bike helmet, right on the other side of this window.

This silence makes all of the laughing, screaming, jumping, debating and dancing that is our normal life that much better.


Deanne said...

Not being fully awake yet, I was trying to picture how a bird could wear a bike helmet. ;P

Madeline Rains said...

That is too funny!