Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Weekend by the Suwannee River

What a wonderful weekend. There was a half-day spent floating down a river, loads of game-playing, and some of our favorite unschoolers. So much fun.

Jumping off of a giant rope swing into the Suwannee River:We shared a cabin with the Haworths which made for lots of good food (these were Ella's rice crispie treats):and much humor (how many European unschooling dads does it take to blow up an air mattress?)Jesse loved playing so many games. Here, he was playing his game, Creative Titles, with the older unschoolers. He was really excited to have stayed awake longer than his brother and his younger friends.
We stopped by Barnes and Nobles on the way home and bought yet more games. We've been loving playing games and watching movies for the past few days. I'll have to post a list of our favorites soon.


mrs boo radley said...

The rope looks like heaps of fun!

Persephone said...

Hooray for European Unschooling Dads! and rope swings...and games!!

kelli said...

It was such a great time :) I love that pic of Jesse with Cam and Abbi, and I love them enjoying each other. So sweet!