Saturday, October 10, 2009

Endless summer

My watermelon blog banner is in honor of how long we get to grow "summer" fruits and vegetables down south. I went up north again last week and I need to keep reminding myself of all of the perks of living down here, of which there really are many. I like being warm in September and October, while eating tomatoes and watching the guys spit watermelon seeds.

Due to some luck and spontaneity, Gillen and Jesse and I are getting to go to the beach in South Carolina with a bunch of other unschoolers this coming week. Unfortunately, Nicolas has to farm. But I think it might be nice for him to be alone for the first time in many months. We leave tomorrow. I have spent the last two days making soups and chili to freeze and take with us. I will spend my time there hanging with my boys and our friends, knitting baby things, and listening to the ocean.

We are so lucky. Even when the leaves have turned and the wood stove is lit, we will still be experiencing the freedom of an endless summer. Unschooling rules! (interesting oxymoron there)


Clem said...

You are so mucky Madeline! I would love to be with you right now!
Mimine is in N.Y, and tomorrow we are going to see Mama Mia on BROADWAY!!!! She is so exited!! :D

I miss you all; already!!!

Frank said...

Representing the West coast, our daughters, MJ and Chloe, will see you there, along with Qacei Gold! Have a great BUG.

Vicki said...

Jealous!! Have fun!

Madeline Rains said...

Clementine, have a wonderful time at MAMA MIA! How exciting. xo

Frank, I look forward to meeting Chloe and MJ. I haven't seen Qacei since she was at the SC live and learn! It's great that they are all coming.

gail said...

Madeline...I'm so looking forward to seeing you and the boys. We'll miss Nicholas though. Hope to see him again before too long! Safe Travels!