Sunday, October 25, 2009


The falling leaves, and many human reminders of seasons coming to an end, have me craving quiet and stillness. As much as I may want to just hole up under blankets on my couch, watching last year's "House" episodes on DVDs all day while I knit baby clothes, unschooling won't allow it - at least not exclusively. This is a good thing. My kids and their friends have films to make and places to go and ideas to help implement. There is no time to withdraw, at least not for too long a stretch of time.

The first several Bionicle based movies were filmed in my bedroom. Here is Jesse's favorite. My bed is now on You Tube. Luckily, I'd made it that day. ; ) The most recent one has been started at the farm, with yet more actors and directors:
Reviewing their work on Eli's Flip camera:In addition, there has been polimer clay to sculpt (This is our newly-unschooling friend Jack):
and Bananagrams games to play with me. Jesse did this one solo:I noticed one word that was missing a few letters and he rearranged whole words and fixed it in seconds. Jesse's Bananagrams ability is something to behold, or to run from , depending on your self-esteem that moment.
Another highlight of the week was going to a fund raiser in a nearby small town. Social Circle resident, Robbie Baldoni, was a passionate skate boarder who had just begun his own well-organized plan to create a local free skate park, when he suddenly died, at twelve, from a brain aneurism. His family has been continuing the work to make his skate park dream come true. Yesterday, a ramp company from Missouri donated ramps for a fund raiser (drove them here for free!) and we all bought Robbie shirts, Robbie hats and lots of food, to help create the dream park. Their story is here. They are home schoolers as well.

At the fund raiser:

Jesse, wearing a hat like the one Robbie always wore when he was on his board:


kelli said...

Do you have a link for their movie? :) And I have to agree.. Jesse rocks at Bananagrams! Amazing!!

Sara said...

That's really nice the ramp company helped out! Looks like fun. A neighbor was just joking that Matt needed one of those hats for his "reggae rock band with an MC". haha

If you had any problems/issues with the album, email me. I need to get the shop up and ready this week! No rush on using it! :)

Madeline Rains said...

Ready for the shop?! OK! That gives me the push I need to take the time for myself out in my art room tomorrow. Will have a post about it in the next two days. I promise.

Meagan said...

Hi Madeline,

Not sure of you got my email but you won the giveaway at ecomilf, so please let me know who and where you want it sent to! Congratulations! xo Meagan.

Molly said...

my son and i will definitely be following that you-tube link :) maybe he'll be inspired to play with his bionicles again. and now i'm inspired to break out our bananagrams - i love that game!

Clem said...

That movie is so cool!!! The pictures are so well taken and put in a video!
I watch House on TV too!! Well...i don't watch TV often, but when i do, i see that! :D
Jesse, i am sure, is really good at Bananagrams! Along with all the other games concerning letters, pictures and cards!! :)
I miss you all so much!! I want to come to Atlanta!! :(

kelli said...

aw man, I see you had a link right there... doh! :) It's awesome!

Madeline Rains said...

Kelli, I added the link for you. : )

Rachel said...

Aw, Madeline, you made me laugh and cry in the first fifteen minutes of being awake. How's that for a good start to the day? Well, I guess YOU didn't really make me cry this time, but you certainly have done so with your words before. I went to the link about the skate park and was very touched by Robbie's story. Looks like a great park, and he sounds like he was a pretty amazing boy.

And those Bionicle movies are fun (I watched all three)! I look forward to seeing more from these fabulous directors/actors. Live action? Claymation? They're trying it all out, and I love it!

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