Saturday, October 31, 2009

Party for The Graveyard

At the beginning of the week we found out about a party being held last night for Neil Gaimon's (he wrote Coraline, among many other books) newest book - The Graveyard. We have been to this unique children's book store several times before, once for a rocking Harry Potter party, so we knew it would be worth it to drive in last night for this and we read as much of the book as possible during the week. The invitation asked that only those nine-years old and up attend as they planned to scare the life out of us. Gillen and Jesse wore frightening costumes but you'll have to take my word for it. I only have pictures of them with peeled back layers and with their sweet faces showing through.
I love that Gillen still gets scared. He didn't even go with Jesse and I on the dungeon horror walk. I think this shot caught the moment when his imagination got the better of him and he stepped out of the line.

I love a party that can provide a terrifying ghost walk, an eleven year old great lead singer:AND the possibility of reading books while you party:
The party was held in answer to a challenge put out by the author, Neil Gaimon, to independent booksellers. Whichever book store put on the greatest Graveyard party will be honored by a visit from Gaimon in December. I don't know how anyone could have surpassed Little Shop of Stories.


Unknown said...

I hope you had a frighteningly good time!

I love Neil Gaiman's work. When Chuck and I met, he loaned me the graphic novels by Gaiman and I loaned him the fantasy novels written by Gaiman - we knew we had met our soul mates! I hope that Little Shop gets the party (I'm assuming that is where you went). Mr. Gaiman is the nicest author I have ever met and he would love that shop!

Madeline Rains said...

You've met him Kimba? How cool! Yes, it is Little Shop and I so hope they get him.

Clementine said...

That is so cool!! Lucky!! :D