Sunday, November 15, 2009

A bright weekend

On Saturday, Jesse and I went with friends to a Tibetan Festival in Atlanta at a new temple there. We loved the food, the dozens of colorful prayer cloths shining in the sun, and learning how to make sand mandalas. There is a copper tool that is used to place the sand more specifically where you want it. In order to move the sand out of it, you vibrate this tool with a long copper bow. This creates a wonderful, calming hum while you work. I liked the sound and the mandala possibilities so much that I bought one there. It is called the chokpur. Elizabeth and our new friend Frances checking out the food:We liked all of the jewelry, journals and clothes that they were selling to help fund their temple. I especially liked Jesse and Eli in these hats:
Last night, the brighteness came from Jupiter, the Andromeda galaxy and the dumb bell nebula (an exloded star) - all of which we saw down the street at the nature center. The Atlanta astronomy club meets there every month and they really seemed to love sharing their passion and their telescopes with us.

A few more colors from today, with friends on the trampoline: