Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What they chose to do today

Jesse started a screenplay that is already five pages, printed out and cast, ready for its first day of shooting tomorrow with Eli, Alexander and Gillen. There will be more actors added on Friday. Right now, props and masks are being created.
In his spare time he cracked many pecans from the farm for the pie. We're all still cracking now, while watching SYTYCD and we are only half way there.
Earlier, we realized that we needed more nuts, the squash and the herbs for the next stage of the slow cooking marathon. Gillen brought his newest duct tape creation (intended originally to carry nerf bullets in the next ARGH nerf war) to the farm in order to easily collect the pecans.
It makes quite a cool man bag.
And, he came home wanting to make dinner! Man. My gratitude is overflowing. Salad filled with chopped root vegetables, mashed potatoes, and Romanesco cauliflower (newest thing Nicolas is growing - looks like light green broccoli and is delicious).
I am so grateful to have ended up with these two amazing boys in my life. Now I have to stop writing about them so that I can help them with the cracking.


Sarah said...

Get cracking!

That was bad. I crack myself up.


Alright, that's all I got in me.

I love the pictures you chose. Very cool boys.

gail said...

Just love you all!!!

gail said...

Just love you all!!!

Bea Mantovani said...

I love your sons. I was very impressed by both of them at the conference.
Thanks for sharing your life on this blog and inspiring me!

Rachel said...

Oh, what a wonderful day. I'm feeling the love for you all too. ;)

Molly said...

your boys are amazing!!!

josephpaul said...

how nice is it...

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