Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Curing the blues

Sometimes, even the most cheerful of us have dire, out of the blue blues. The other day, it was Jesse who was feeling down. It wasn't, of course, completely random. He had waited all day for a Bionicle that he ordered to arrive and when it didn't, he lost his sense of purpose.

He didn't think that listening to sad music and really getting into it was the way he wanted to go (yes, I do that) but did decide to take my advice to go outside.

What do you do when you're blue, and you're Jesse? Create a "J" with your bottle cap collection and then bury it in the dirt.

Much better.


laura said...

jesse is the best!!

mamak said...

Awesome! I did stuff like that, well not exactly like that. Well ok, so I used to write down all the most vile swear words I knew put them in old babyfood jars or jelly jars and bury them, or put them in tree holes or in rock walls. I thought in about a hundred years someone would find it and be like wth? Look at these silly swear words they used back in the olden days! Why I did this, not sure, but I loved it! I hope someone finds Jesse's J and thinks it's a sign, or has some kind of meaning, other than it's own. That's my wish! Yeah for Jesse and his sadness dig, and for bottle caps, too!