Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Back to the Garden" trailer

Remember those wonderful documentary film makers who filmed Nicolas last month and then taught me to roast asparagus? I just saw the trailer for their upcoming film. I thought it was great. They have a blog where they are documenting their process.

They also made a documentary about a small Maine town fighting off a Wal-Mart intrusion. I would love to see that as well. Gillen and I had a date today to buy things for his garden and to buy a new baby pool for his ducks. Due to the crazy gas prices, we did not drive from the nursery to Target, a half hour further away, to get the pool. We went next door, to Wal-Mart and I entered it's creepy super doors, for the first time in over a year, with appropriate down-faced shame.

If only we had closer alternatives or I were more energetic like those Wally-World-fighting moms in Maine.


Wendy said...

Wal Mart!!! I know how you feel. I didn't shop there for the longest time, but now I am back in their evil clutches. It's just so dang cheap. :-}

And the movie looks great...reminded to me to check in on our local CSA farm.

Alecto said...

I understand completely. Walmart is on my way home from work and terribly convenient, requiring no extra fuel and not much extra time. However, we did swear off it and here's what happened when my husband attempted to 'cheat', just this once: thinking he could get away with this just one more time, he pulled into the parking lot wearing light colored khaki pants and promptly spilled half a cup of coffee into his lap. He was not harmed but did recognize the message from the universe, or his wife, or something, and went home to put on dry pants and to the best of my knowledge has not been back since.

Rachel said...

The movie looks great! I will definitely look for it. Have you seen "The Real Dirt on Farmer John?" We have a CSA with his farm Angelic Organics, and the film got a lot of attention, so you may know all about it already. It's spans more than 20 years with the same farm and its quirky, creative, fascinatingl farmer.

Here's the trailer:

Bhu said...

I just watched the trailer. How exciting! Nicolas looks awesome and I want to see the film when it comes out. Yay Crystal Organics!