Saturday, May 03, 2008

Annual Youth Birding Competition

Gillen has participated in this GA competition ever since he became passionate about bird watching. This year, he is seeking out the birds with friends and with a lot less emphasis on the numbers. It's been so much fun and is about to continue. We have been having a long swim and lunch break but are back to the woods now.

I think Mindy's kids have started to like birding. But it was nice to have a pool break.


Bhu said...

Wow! Fun! Makes me want to bird. Gillen taught me how common cardinals are here (I didn't know) and now I'm seeing them everywhere! Nice shots by the way Mad. Really you have such an amazing eye.

MamaK said...

I love when kids get into birds. My girl is just starting to notice them more and ask for their names. We have that bird sound device which teach each species song. It also has one on frog! My kids use that thing constantly. It's called the Identiflyer. Good stuff. Love the photos, I second the above posters comment on your shots.-K

Madeline said...

Mama K, we like the identifier as well. This youth bird competition got a grant to give each participant one free. That was cool.

I thank you both for the nice comments about the pictures. I'm afraid it's pretty hit or miss. At some point I intend to know what I'm doing.

mindy said...

This post completely captured the day...and yes, my kids definitley enjoyed birding...especially because they were hanging out with your kids!