Saturday, May 17, 2008

Georgia Renaissance Festival

Despite loving the Renaissance living history class that he just took, Jesse really didn't want to go to the Renaissance Festival today. The tickets were bought, the rest of us wanted to check it out, for the first time ever, and it was one of those occasions where Jesse had to come along, despite his reticence and whinging.

When we saw this sea of cars, I wondered if he'd had the right instincts.

But once inside, we didn't feel the crowds like I thought we might and we all had a good time. whew! He ended up telling us that he was really glad that we came.

There were jousting and sword-fighting shows, giant turkey legs to eat, tons of Renaissance-geared people to watch, and fun games. Here is Gillen jousting on a Griffin.

Jesse also loved the Griffin. I like the little Renaissance-clad girl who is watching him. It would be fun to own some Renaissance costumes. Gillen liked the vests (I know there is a better word for them) and I fancied the corsets and flower hair pieces.
Jesse asked for his first instrument and we were happy to get it for him - it is called an Ocarina and is an ancient type of flute. He got a songbook with it that is filled with songs from Zelda, Ocarina of Time, one of his favorite video games, and the reason that he was aware of this instrument.
At one point, I was in ye olde coffee hut waiting for my sweetened iced coffee while the guys were off buying Gillen a sword. I thought, "this is my chance to do some serious people watching" and looking up saw a woman a foot in front of me chewing on a large piece of beef jerkey. It looked really good. She looked really familiar. She was a fellow unschooling mom whom I hadn't seen since last year's unschooling conference! Dame Mary Alice! A goodly time was had by all - our boys becoming acquainted via sword fighting. Now I can't stop thinking in Olde English, but I'd best stop writing in it.


GBK Gwyneth said...

Oh cool -- I'm glad you ended up enjoying it. We are headed there tomorrow for our first ever time...

kelli said...

Ooh, how fun. year, wanna go? We do! Abbi already has the costume, corset and all.

Yes, Tim is accepting the GA position tomorrow.. it looks as though the northern wind has pushed us to the south. We are all excited for our new adventure!

Madeline said...

Gwyneth, I hope you guys had a great time.

Kelli! That is sooo exciting! I wish GA could house all of Corvallis as well. But I sure am glad to get you and your fabulous family closer. Yes, we will all do the Ren Fest next year and lots more before that too, I hope. Yay!

Kimba said...

I love the Renaissance Festival (I grew up going to the one in Texas). We attended last weekend and had such fun -- I'll post pics soon. We chose to attend in costume (well Chuck didn't), but the rest of us came up with fun outfits.

We are actually going to return on Memorial Day -- the next time I have a day off and the Renaissance Festival is happening.

I'm glad you were able to enjoy yourselves and run into a familiar face - we had such fun seeing old friends and making new ones when we attended.

Alecto said...

Oh, we love the Ren Fest! We go to the one in Tuxedo, NY just about every year and we do all have costumes, some of us have multiple costumes (my dad has quite a collection).

Esc said...

I came to read about your experiences at the Georgia Ren Fest as I prepare my Thursday for but I stayed for your playlist. Thank you for sharing it, I love to find music I'm not familiar with.