Thursday, May 15, 2008

Uniformly unique

My boys have definite opinions about their clothes. Their favorite outfits change every few years and are completely different from one another and from their parents. Though I will do all I can not to go shoe shopping with my oldest boy again (well, for at least a season - or after some therapy) I really do appreciate each boy's unique style. Gillen has wide feet but prefers style to comfort and.. I may have some shoe issues.

Below is one of the many pajama outfits that Jesse wears when he knows we are not getting in the car all day.
Here was the outfit he chose to do his Shakespearean Yorick monologue (when Hamlet speaks to the skull of his father's dead jester) today in his final Renaissance class. It worked. Here they are all acting out Shakespeare's "Seven Stages of Man".
I can't remember which stage of Man the dramatic de-hatting and de-caping was all about. His classmate seems perplexed.

See the blond, skateboard shoe-wearing camouflaged boy in the back? That would be the visiting brother who did not want to take this class and who "hates theater". He was only able to sit back and watch for ten minutes before throwing himself into the fray. There were lots of opportunities for death scenes and none were as dramatic as Gillen's. He wants to take the class next fall.

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