Sunday, February 08, 2009

Gratitude Journal

I'm a very lucky woman with so much to be grateful for but every once in a while I lose sight of this and get caught up in the small stuff. My chronic fatigue annoyances - the occasional dizzy days - are my main complaint. Sometimes I am able to remember reality. I think about those I know who are facing real challenges - like my beautiful inspiring friend Zoe, my long-time mothering mentor, who isn't much older than I am. A few days ago she just started chemo. to fight a recurrence of cancer. Now that's a challenge.

I did my first art project in the new art room today. Here are the wonderful deep new shelves:Here is what I made:It's a gratitude journal. Each page has room for seven entries and there are around fifty-two pages so that I can enter one thing a day. Or not. Some of the pages are folded (like the one on the left) and the entries can be made inside. I also included a few pouches that contain seven tags inside.

Through the window I got to watch the guys jumping, running and, right out the window, climbing. I love the view of "Blackie" the bear in the branches above.Jesse is in a t-shirt because it got into the 70's today! Yes, I have a lot to be grateful for. Did you know that Zoe means life? I'm sure grateful for Zoe.


kelli said...

What a great room! and book :) I'm sending healing thoughts to your friend.

Beachbum said...

I am grateful to have met you.

laura said...

i'm reading this while danny schmidt is singing "company of friends" on my's giving me chills and some tears because, well, it just happens to be one of those mornings, a crying morning in bed with scotty...but a healing cry, and in the end really good. friendship, that is one of the things in my life right now that i am feeling super grateful for and blessed by. and especially my family, for their patience and love.

thank you for sharing your journal. it's an inspiration.

jodi said...

i'm grateful that i can read your words and look at your photos

Madeline said...

I'm grateful for all of you. : )

Laura, "a crying morning in bed with Scotty" sounds good. I hope you're feeling lighter now.