Monday, February 09, 2009

Peaceful moments..

via creative urges.

This morning we read more of that book I wrote last June. It's been long enough that I had honestly forgotten most of it. It isn't bad. Once we've finished reading it I may just write a second draft. I owe it to the real bees that I neglected in my yard last summer to give them their voice in The O'Riley Bees.

The best part of reading out loud? I can't help but fall asleep. Neither can Fracas.It's the only way I allow myself to nap.

The kids seem to be following their creative urges so much more easily now that they can see all of the possibilities on the shelves:Gillen made window decals to keep the birds from flying into our new room's windows. Two birds have been stunned and today a Cardinal hit so hard that it died.

Jesse is working on a new set of cards to go with his Treno game.

Now, if I could just get excited about creating dinner.


mindy said...

Can't wait to see a bit more of that book! Not excited about making dinner???!!! You always have the most amazing food, I'm finding it hard to believe this :)
Maybe ask that brilliant 11 yr. old to have a go and make dinner...I'd bet it'd be fabulouso, and you could ignore the dinner least for today!

Beachbum said...

book...want to see it!!!!

Madeline said...

Mindy, he was busy crafting too so I couldn't ask. But N brought home eggs and greens and I got inspired. btw, those scones take way longer than the recipe indicates.

Ginger, maybe by the time we next meet.

Alecto said...

speaking of going to sleep reading, I am re-reading Catcher in the Rye because my oldest read it and it disturbed her terribly. So I read it on the train every morning and before I'm even halfway through the 34 minute ride I'm out cold, without fail! Can't figure out if it's that book, any book? me on the train now? In any case, perfectly peaceful and a good thing I have that mile to walk to wake up!

Madeline said...

Oh I hope it's not the book, Alecto! I loved that one. And if it's my book putting me to sleep then I should just stop rereading it now, rather than thinking about a rewrite. But I fall asleep reading anything out loud, even Harry Potter. I lose too much oxygen or something. You're just tired from all that ninety degree yoga.