Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Great "Raid Expansion" (where the whittling led)

So there they were, on the back steps with their sticks and their whittling knives, in boyish whittling communion. That's where I left them, to whittling peace. I asked about the specifics of the game ideas later.

"I'm going to open a weapons shop," said Gillen.

"I'll make more quests for the weekly raiding with the Wilson brothers," thought Jesse. All raids need good weapons (used on trees and crash test hay dummies, by the way, not on each other).

The great raid expansion game was born. The next day, when the Wilson brothers came to the farm, there would be new quests and new weapons for them to buy, with money created by Gillen and Jesse.
Gillen made "AC"s and "Q"s (the money). Jesse made "honor marks" which would lead them to strategically placed clues around the farm. They both made "open" and "closed" signs for the tables where they would display their wares.
Gillen made several weapons.This morning, they rushed to the farm to set up the clues, and their tables, before the Wilsons' arrival. Gillen was pulled away to have lots of pictures taken, by Angelina, for an article about he and his turkeys:Jesse munched on the whites of Bok Choi (handing me the greens) and read his book, his honor marks hidden under sticks and rocks, where they waited for the Wilson boys to get there.

And then, they came!
They loved the quests. After completing each one they came back and used their "AC"s and "Q"s to buy more, and to buy a weapon:Apparently, this expansion of the raiding game is going to continue every week, as long as the quest ideas and armour/weapon improvements keep coming (as well as the raiding customers, of course).


~Abbiღ said...

Ohh, my goodness! How exciting!! I would love to play that game with them!

What brilliant boys you have to have created a real-life exploring-and-questing game. :) I so wish I could have been there! I hope they continue doing this!

Heart Rockin Mama said...

One of the biggest passions at our house this last year has been whittling weapons! I thought about it for a funshop, but decided against it!
Can't wait to meet you and your boys next month :-)

Madeline Rains said...

Abbi, you're so cool. You can all raid the water together this weekend. : )

Jean, I can not imagine a whittling funshop. How fun and horrifying all at the same time!! I am so looking forward to meeting you and your family too.

Ren said...

Your kids are SO cool! (well, all of you actually)
Jalen/Scott would positively flip for this. Maybe they could do a version of it for ARGH?

Ruralmama said...

I love this! I bet my sweet girlies would love to go on raiding quests. They already play superhero/villain which is very involved.