Saturday, July 21, 2007

The "Requiem for a wizard" experience

I lifted this picture from my friend Kelli's blog. I have not seen the cover myself. We went to the greatest party last night at Little Shop of Stories in Decatur but didn't want to wait in the long line at the end of the night to pick up our book. I knew I had the one (without a cover) at home and we will go there for the _Farmer Boy_ book club on Thurs. and can pick up our copy then.

But we did get to visit Hogwart's and Diagon Alley at the amazingly decked-out store. Both boys took written multiple-choice quizzes that they gave to a woman with an owl on her shoulder ("Hegwog", Hegwig's sister) to interpret and were then each given their own patronus. Gillen's is a phoenix and Jesse's is a dragon. After being ushered back to "Gringott's" by a huge, friendly "Hagrid", they were given a handful of sickles and galleons with which to shop at the assorted stores. They concocted potions out of glitter, spices, feathers and herbs at the potions store, bought butter-beer, fake blood, an oozing (marshmallow) eyeball, and an acid pop (colorful lollypop) at the Weasley Brothers' Joke Shop, had their futures prophesized by an appropriately googly-eyed Professor Trelawny, and were told what house we were in by the sorting hat (we each were in a different house, none in Slytherin)

We also ate some great "brown sugaah vanilla" ice cream at Jake's - the homemade ice cream parlor that is inside Little Shop of Stories, lots of chocolate covered pretzels (chocolate frogs) and we shared a black licorice wand.

But the highlight was the Dumbledore-like robed and hatted magician who wowed us with his "spells". Jesse compared him to Chris Angel (his magician hero) - he was that good. He even made a sickle (piece of construction paper) that was handed to him by one the spectators, float! I have no idea how he did it. Later we are going to take out our magic set and start practicing. We were very inspired. But first, we have to finish Book Six!

Here is some information about what various bookstores had planned last night, including Little Shop of Stories. Do you remember anything like this about a book, that your parents were as excited about as you, when we were younger? It's been so cool. Once this series is over, can another book follow the act? It's something to strive for. I do have an idea...

Beautiful vegetables to come soon.

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Ren said...

I came to check out your blog after you left a comment at mine...we enjoy a lot of the same music/movies etc...! We also seem to know several of the same unschoolers. Neat.:)

I'm envious of your farm. I'm slowly trying to turn a small 3/4 acre yard into food. Veeerrrry slowly. sigh.

I'll get pics up shortly of our Harry Potter night. Lotsa fun...though your place sounded really fantastically cool.