Thursday, December 20, 2007

Feeding the birds, and ourselves..

Despite my having killed a pot of black of beans that were needed to make the all important non-sugar part of the edibles (yes, it really is possible to fail in the cooking of beans), the cookie swap party yesterday was wonderful. My friends brought the needles, thread, popcorn popper, cranberries, wine and most of the cookies. Angie was asking how I do all this - I have great friends. I did contribute a very popular Mexican Wedding Cake cookie, which flew off the plate. And we sacrificed several advent calender chocolates to one of the three-year-olds (Gillen's good friend Jared, so he has managed to forgive him). When you have something in abundance, it is easy to be generous. ; ) Below - cookie generosity for the man who brought us more logs for the fire.
We wrapped the Cedar tree in our yard (once a living Christmas tree in our living room) with strands of popcorn and cranberries. The first birds discovered it this morning.

Gillen did choose to show the kids his new BB Gun (just purchased with his own money the night before and hidden away by me for the party) which was not a highlight of my day. I'm still working on embracing this new hunting and gun passion.

But then, that night, helping him to embroider a gift for his Australian family while he and I watched "Rudolph" (thanks Helen), I recovered.


Blogging Molly said...

You have got some great friends! I just took a bag of cranberries out of the freezer (left over from last year - eek) so we can string popcorn and cranberries today. I like the idea of hanging them outside for the birds. Thanks!

Kimba said...

Looks like you managed to have a great time even without us ;)

Every Winter Solstice we decorate a tree (or 2) outside with popcorn, birdseed, fruit slices and all sorts of goodies for the outdoor critters.
That is one of my favorite parts of the celebrations.


skoobsub said...

Mmmmm . . . those goodies look so good! Gingerbread men are always a must for the holiday season. And I want to make one of those matchbook advent calenders. So cute!

mindy said...

Oooh, I want to decorate an outside tree!!!! So much fun to have, so little time!

Alecto said...

Oh, thank you! We have a tree in the front yard that was very clearly someone's living Christmas tree quite a few years back. Popcorn strings are going to a perfect distraction this year.

Anonymous said...

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