Saturday, December 01, 2007

Jean-Pierre and Marie-Helene

It was a really nice visit. Some highlights were picking tons (literally) of pecans at a friend's pecan grove, going to the Georgia Aquarium, eating some good food in Atlanta and experiencing the Europeans watching "It's a Wonderful Life" for the first time - it was my first time hearing it in French. "Mary" was called "Madeline"! Even more reason for me to love that movie. Notice my easily-ordered curtains are still not here - easy to order but not so easy to get the right order. I'm sending them back again. We are loving the Gillen tree.

Jean-Pierre got up with Nicolas at 4:30am this morning to go work at the market with him. Here he is giving his sign for victory, as he survived the massive rush, and helped his son to almost sell out.

I'm off to sleep for a few days but then - bring on the unschoolers' visits!


diana(hahamommy) said...

What a great clutter-free snap of your living room. Now you really can say,"it was *just* like that, too bad you missed it!" :D

Angie said...

I love seeing the pictures of your market stand! Can I ask what you use to make the shelves? We are looking for a new display and this looks like it works great.

Love Gillen's tree - awesome. My daughter did the same thing last year, went out into the woods, by herself, cut down her own small tree and put it up by herself in her bedroom. Crazy kids.

Alecto said...

That's just beautiful. I love that last shot the best. I must be feeling extra skin free and vulnerable tonight (LONG day in the kitchen). Despite what we go through to have it all work out, family is the closest I knonw to nirvana.

Sara said...

Love your peppers above. And mmm pecans! And a new Weepies song I've never heard? Just got an email this week they're coming out with a new album soon.

Madeline said...

Diana, I have real hope that this room will continue to be one of the few, the proud - that remains spacious. But I am glad to have a picture, just in case.

Angie, we can't remember the name of the stand we bought several years ago for the shelves. It is two metal stands that have laddered horizontal supports to hold wooden boards. Nicolas thinks they went out of business but i will look for them tomorrow and let you know if I find them. They do work great and are assembled and broken down really easily.

Sara,new Weepies?! yay. I'm glad that you like the peppers. They are a bit big : )

Alecto- family yes, but also friends, don't you know.

Schuyler said...

Tag! Come and play a rousing game of Week in Review tag with me and my ilk. I like having ilk. I don't really know if I do... I like being deluded enough to think I have ilk. But I want you among us, free-wheeling, dancing, laughing Madeline.

Madeline said...

Well, I am deluded enough to choose to become that fabulous description. And I would be honored to be in your ilk. So, yes, I'll spend more time writing here and less sleeping with joy.