Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Visit to Mindy's Mountain

We had my good friend Flea, her husband Greg and their four fabulous kids (one of them my godson :) here on Friday night. It was much too short of a visit, so I'm already plotting ways to get them back here next summer. As Flea and family drove away, we packed the car and left as well, for a weekend at Mindy's.

We chose not to think about how busy we would be this week - well, we would think about it...but then think better of thinking. I am so glad that we went. It was like going to a spa retreat, but surrounded by happy, frolicking kids. What a wonderful home in the mountains. What hospitality! Mindy made homemade coffee cake and pizza dough with spelt (knowing that I am sensitive to wheat). I hadn't had coffee cake in years. And we ate more of her cookies - I made her Mexican Wedding Cake cookies here today for our cookie swap tomorrow. So good.

I came home with lots of recipes, books about Australia to read on our way down under next week, new music on my computer to add to possible MP3 player gifts : ) and a hoarse voice - from all of the good conversation.

Once again, filled with gratitude for friends (and again, filled with cheese). In the dark days of February, when I am still jet-lagged and freezing, I promise to lighten up on the joy : )


Tamar Orvell said...

Take back that promise on lightening up on the joy. The universe will see to it w/out your promise. grrr.;-)

What's the plan on your down under trip? Dates? Will you be "live blogging" from there? Terribly exciting.

Remember us in the Northern Hemisphere: freezing and water parched, among fun and good adventures.

Sandra Dodd said...

You're it.

And Merry Christmas and Happy Australia. They have beach cook-outs on Christmas, I hear. We never do that in New Mexico. (hee hee)

Blogging Molly said...

Oh what joyous times! Can't wait for tales from Australia.

Madeline said...

Yes, Tamar, very true. It's all seasonal. : )

And yes, I will be blogging from Australia and will remember the conditions here at home.

Sandra, it is so much fun to see you here. I just did this tag a few posts ago but will do it in Australia - there are always more wierd things about me to talk about. I will get you those quotes(that I mentioned on your blog) once I organize my desk. One was on a sticky note on my lamp that has fallen somewhere.

Erikka said...

please don't lighten up on the joy! joy is a disease, it spreads and there need to be more openly joyous people in this world. You go lady!

Deanne said...

Have a great time in Australia, mate! Post as much joy-filled stuff as you want. I'm lovin' it!

Angie said...

Please don't stop with the joy! I love it.

I have no idea how you do all that you do. Have a wonderful, safe trip to Australia. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Merry Christmas.

mindy said...

happy happy joy joy, happy happy joy! Thanks for coming to spend time with us amidst the maddness of getting ready for such a big trip. We will be thinking of you and your adventures...have safe wonderful travels!