Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Sydney Sunday

We went sea kayaking this morning and I not only survived, I really liked it. Jesse played on the beach with Naomi and Zoe while the rest of us went out for an hour. We paddled past sea planes and water skiers and huge yachts. We saw the big sights of Sydney harbour in the distance. We rode the swells and were not sunk, or even seriously swayed. I am not afraid of spiders, snakes or sharks, even here - where it might be a good idea - but I am a bit scared of having to swim too far, out at sea. Gillen was kind of nervous too. So we were pretty proud of ourselves out there.

For lunch, we were invited by a few of their good friends to a "bahbie". So much good food and wine (lots of that in Sydney) and a few recently engaged and married couples who live here but are from all over the world - Italy, New Zealand, Holland and England. It was a great mix of accents and tastes, including every kind of animal that has ever been cooked. Here is Nicolas, further and further from the farm, pre-feasting, under the trees - one was an Avacado tree with a very ripe massive avacado hanging over our heads.
The other was a Frangipani tree, from which these beautiful flowers fell upon our heads. Luckily, the avocado stayed put.And of course, the highlight of every day - Zoe, who really loves the nursing beads that I gave to her mother (made by Rue).


Blogging Molly said...

Oh how I wish I was there! I've only kayaked a few times, and the first was in the ocean just north of SF; you know, the great white shark breeding hotspot. I love your new banner and I'm so glad you are writing on vacation.

Deanne said...

How beautiful and exciting it all is! You have my admiration for kayaking in the ocean!!! I couldn't, ever!

mindy said...

I love the picture of Nicolas...glad to see him relaxing! And that baby...I can see why you're in love with her. I love seeing the nursing beads in action. The perfect gift for that beautiful new mama.