Monday, December 03, 2007

Things I am loving right now

This hand-made little elf that I bought at Melrose on Ponce in Decatur last Thursday night. We brought Jean-Pierre and Marie-Helene to an extended hours village shopping night. The owners of the store sang carols with instruments and an amp., easily convincing me to come drink their hot cider and buy from local artisans. We also bought a beautiful bird calender and some other small gifts there. We put our names in a hat for a door prize. Jesse picked the winning name and it was me! This leads me to another favorite thing - this tiny pair of bird salt and pepper shakers that I won:
I'm loving that we have delicious tomatoes, still. We have had them this late before, but never this good, this late.
This is "The Book Book", by an artist, written for children, with lots of inspiration for creating books. I found out about it at this SouleMama blog post. You can get it by clicking on her link to the side there - thus, in a small way, supporting her family - who are fabulous (as if you don't already know this). I was inspired (the kids are not quite as inspired , but are looking) to create a few Christmas gifts using ideas from this book and from Cathy's blog. Can't say more - you could be a recipient!
And I am loving the locked diary that I ordered online, to help Santa make one of Jesse's wishes come true. What a surprising request!


LivingByLearning said...


You have lovely tomatoes fresh from your garden.

I have wild turkeys crossing our snow-covered front yard.

I guess they're both edible!

Thanks for visiting! Sandra

chik austin said...

Lovely things! We still have tomatoes too, but I guess we should since it's staying in the 70's!

Blogging Molly said...

I love that little elf, and the birds are adorable. Thanks for sharing your "loves".