Saturday, March 15, 2008

Backyard Farming

Gillen and Jesse want their own, at-home vegetable gardens. It wasn't too hard to get their farmer father to help dig up the land. After first breaking up the red clay and grass sod with the tiller, Nicolas used a tool that was first created by Elliot Coleman called the broad fork. It aerates the soil.
The second photo is of the soil after two "double-diggings" with the broad fork. Tornado warnings, hail and lightning have kept the kids from doing any seeding. More farming will come with the sun.

In the meantime, Jesse and I rediscovered the game Quiddler and Gillen and I watched a lovely sappy movie called "August Rush". I kept pointing out how unrealistic it was. Yet, of course I was the one who cried intensely and cheered and made an imbecile of myself at the end. I must have been emotional from the joy of so much soft, free hair. ;)


Anonymous said...

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Angie said...

Oh, Easy Living by Billie Holiday is one of my favorites - you just lifted my spirits with that one!

The sight of newly tilled soil - I can just smell it......we are at least 6-8 weeks away from that - I'll just live vicariously through you until then!

Greenhouse seeding starts tomorrow and I can't wait.

Blogging Molly said...

We just aerated the front lawn today and the kids are having a blast talking about the plugs that look like poop :) I've been thinking about you guys and the extreme weather in your neck of the woods. Tornadoes!?! Glad you are louse free - does that mean the pixie will have to wait?

Madeline said...

Yes, tornadoes! They came very unexpectedly and touched down in Atlanta causing damage but not many injuries, thank goodness. We watched them talking about our town on the news as they twisted overhead but they didn't touch down here. Whew!

I am so up in the air about how much to cut. Hair will fly, I just don't know how many inches.

Erikka said...

that movie looks SO SAPPY and SO CHEESY but I know I would SO BAWL MY EYES OUT the moment I watch it. :)

Mama Podkayne said...

Yeah. I saw it in the theatres. It was so unbelievable and Robin W. as a creepy bad guy....., but the music was awesome! I, too, cried at the end.

Madeline said...

Errika and Mama Podkayne - thanks for admitting that! I feel like I'm in good company in my intense reaction (not that you were hysterical ;).

I love the music and we are going to buy the soundtrack.