Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Monday's farm photos (a day late)

Seeding season. Gillen and Jesse have decided to start their own gardens in our back yard at home this week. So they are ordering their own seeds as well as seeding at the farm. What was once a volley ball court is now one third of their farm. I'll take corn, herbs and watermelon over volleyball. At home, I get the firsts, not the seconds, and not only when they aren't sold out. Not that I'm complaining ;)

Puddles of spring:


Anonymous said...
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Damien Donck and my wife Stacy Donck said...

I like Monday farm pictures. Spring is here anyway in GA. NY is a little behind. but the bulbs are starting to come up. Love Damien

Angie said...

I love your farm pictures. That is something we need to do more of. How in the world do you keep your high tunnels so weed free?? Let me in on your secret - it's our biggest problem.

The squirrel story is so cute.

Have a great day.

whimsigal said...

This is awesome! THe boys and I decided last night to try and grow potatoes since I had some eyes off the ones I cooked last night. I can't wait to show them what your guys are up to.

By the way, I posted the 3rd part of my story yesterday!



Jessica said...

I loved the squirrel story, and that picture is awesome! Looking at that sunshine makes me realize that spring really truly will come, as I look out at another drizzly grey day.

Blogging Molly said...

We too are seed happy around here - though not planting nearly as much as you :) if only we lived in the same climate and you could share all your seedy secrets...can't wait to see the garden grow.

Weber said...

We have not built up enough soil yet - we really are in the mountains of Tennessee! What little we do have keeps washing away. Nothing...nothing but rock here. We did put things in huge containers last year but that's just not the same :(

I love your farm photos!!!

Gillen said...

Angie, in a word - labor. They take care of the weeds (by hoeing) right away and also Nicolas makes sure to put lots of low-weed varieties in the tunnels (not only low weed varieties, but there are lots interspersed). He wants me to point out that I don't take pictures of the most weedy beds. Maybe that will be the theme next Mon. - weeds. oops, This is Madeline, posting as Gillen

FLO said...

This year we are putting in our first ever organic garden in the tiniest of suburban lots. We are so excited to have seedlings of our own!! That reminds me I wanted to post those photos... I'm so inspired by you- thanks for sharing.

Danielle said...

Have I mentioned how much I love "Monday's farm photos"? Keep 'em coming!

My kiddos, too, are making noises about wanting their own garden plots, which they often do this time of the year. It'll be interesting to see whether that actually manifests this year rather than remaining in the sounds like a good idea category.