Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Farm Photos

It's cold and gray today. We may make it the farm later but I'd rather just be home and drink tea. So I am posting farm photos from this past weekend, when it was also cold and gray, but we had lots of family there to keep it warm and colorful.

Crystal Organic Farm is named after the quartz crystals emerging from the red ground:
While Gillen and Clementine worked at the farmers' market stand with Helen and Nicolas, the rest of us collected crystals in the back fields. Remi:
Christine, Philippe and Julien:

Christine, looking very much like a Mennonite, surveying the vegetables. Like her mother and Nicolas, she has a huge green thumb. She has created a beautiful outside garden in NYC and is an expert at Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging).

The kids have spent days building a big fort in the woods. Here they are loading up bamboo to be used for construction.Color from the market:Beets, turnips and rutabagas. Rutabaga is a favorite word. It always makes me think of this Frank Zappa "Call any Vegetable" song from my childhood - this is the lyrics, not him singing. I roasted these later with garlic, potatoes, onions, oil and rosemary.
Though amazing Dogwood trees are blooming everywhere in a variety of spring colors, still - March is going out like a lion.

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reddoor said...

Dear Madeline,

Michael and I are back in Maine, reminiscing about our exceptionally fine trip to the Southeast. We enjoyed the comments on your blog about our documentary as "inspiring" because we came home totally inspired by your family. The beautiful farm, the warmth and love so obviously shared among you all, your delightful happy unschooled children.

We are beginning our own blog about the Back to the Garden, which of course will describe the great time we had with you, as well as some of our other new friends.

And we have not forgotten the conversation about a garden in Mexico. Think of it as a place to visit...hopefully we can exchange a place to stay in Oaxaca for a little help setting up the garden. Let's keep working toward that.

We are planning to return, possibly in June. We'd like to film some more and to take up Emile's offer of a locally-harvested feast, probably in Charleston. We'll be in touch to be sure we have a chance to see you again.

'til then,

Wendy and Michael

p.s. what is your email?

p.s. waht is your