Thursday, March 20, 2008

In a New York State of Mind

I'm on my cousin's computer in NYC. We flew in yesterday. What should have been a three-hour journey took about nine hours. Due to weather, we were forced to circle for an hour over La Guardia and then were finally rerouted to Baltimore for refueling and hours of waiting on the runway there. I was just soo glad not to have to risk a blind landing. Flying used to be a fear of mine. ;) Plus, we met some really interesting people on the plane while waiting for the storm to clear and the kids stayed patient. So no worries.

We had good Japanese food at 10:30pm and then cakes and cannoli at a cool dessert place at midnight. How I do love that NY stays up all night.

Pictures of the Natural History Museum (always our first stop), Central Park, family and of the cold wind to come.


kelli said...

Oh, Yay! New York pictures! We're just watching Enchanted and wanting to go to NYC so bad :)

mindy said...

The city that never sleeps! My kids have always wanted to day we'll make it there. Until then, we'll live vicariously(again!) through you're incredible travel adventures! Hope you're all having a blast!

Madeline said...

Kelli, we brought Enchanted with us to watch for the first time, not even thinking about it taking place here. Cool! We are watching it tonight.