Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I was tagged by Kaat, a good mama and a Belgian who lives in Brookline, MA (a place I spent lots of time as a kid).

A - Available?: As much as I can be, but there is a part of me that stays tucked away. I'm more particular about being available, as I get older.

B-Best friend:
Not one any more. Several women are very important to me.

C-Cake or Pie?:Both! Though it is much easier to make a chocolate cake than a pecan pie so that gets eaten more often.

D-Drink of choice: Belgian beer; coffee

E-Essential thing used everyday:
this old laptop (which I will just keep updating and won't allow to die)

F-Favorite color: periwinkle blue, among so many others...

G-Gummi bears or worms:These are Nicolas' favorite so I would pass them on to him. They don't contain chocolate so it's not difficult.

H-Hometown: Boston, Mass.

Books, art supplies

J-January or February: February. But not super fond of either. Though this January was a major exception.

K-Kids and names: Gillen and Jesse (bad boy cowboy names for some reason). If we'd had a girl, she would have been "Sophie". Now, I think I'd consider "Nora" or something really romantic and unusual like "Dagny".

L-Life:is not a dress rehearsal. Though I sometimes act like it is.

M-Marriage date: October 15, 1995

N-Number of siblings: One brother and one sister.

O-Oranges or apples: Fuji Apples. We eat all fruit seasonally, but since these apples aren't at all local, we eat them less now.

P-Phobias:Used to be flying, until a fear of giving my kids this fear shook me out of it. Now, just rats. They have not inherited this one, for some reason. When they see me on furniture screaming over a mouse (small rats) they laugh. What's up with that?

1) Anais Nin : "And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." 2) "It's practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry." — Joe Moore

R-Reason to smile: This moment last week at the oscars; this hilarious video(you've probably seen it - the I'm f-ing Ben Afflek video?); this Flight of the Conchords song. But mostly, my boys' innocence and their joy over little things.

S-Season: Fall.

T-Tag three people: Jesse, Gillen and Sara.

U-Unknown fact about me: I am from another planet. Oh, and I am about to cut my hair short, "about" used very vaguely here.

V-Vegetable you do not like: Brussel sprouts (well, except when my farmer from Brussels grew them - he even made these taste good)

W-Worst habit:
Reacting before taking a breath, but this has gotten much better over the past few years. Another is getting side-tracked.

X-x-rays you have had:foot (I stepped on a needle as a teen and it moved its way into my blood stream), and gums.

Y-Your favorite food: Maine lobster. The foods that I actually get to eat more than once a decade - spare-ribs from our local friends' hogs, lox, spinach, okra, Thai food, sushi, homemade chicken soup. I am going to go eat everything in the kitchen now.

Z-Zodiac: Sagittarius.


Angie said...

Great answers, Madeline. I have never seen the Ben Affleck video and I laughed my butt off - thanks!

diana(hahamommy) said...

I shall make for you my Sweet Potato Pecan Pie :) It's the very best of both worlds! (I do love the Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Sheet Cake!)
The Ben Affleck/Matt Damon videos? I couldn't have survived February without them ♥
Call me when you go have your hair cut... actually, we should schedule our appts together as I'm *about to* do the same thing :)We can do telephonic moral support!
And I just put the Madeline Eclectic Mix CD on my phone :) (I'm about to blog about what an amazing piece of technology it is!) You've been singing to me all day!

Sara said...

I'll save this one for the weekend when I need a paper writing diversion! :)

Madeline said...

Diana, you can not be cutting that beautiful lusciously straight head of hair! But then, I understand. Let me know when you make your appt. and that will be my inspiration to make one too. I'm so glad about the mix.

Deanne said...

How funny that I was munching on a Fuji apple as I read this. I love them too! I also spent a year living in Brookline, after I graduated from BU. AND, you posted one of my very favorite quotes too (Anais Nin). Fun meme!

I guess we were meant to be friends! *g*

Madeline said...

yes, Deanne, definitely.