Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Family Feats

; )

Damien, Nicolas' brother, is a photographer at Newsweek. Though his photos have been on the international Newsweek cover before, this week marks his first American cover. Without getting political here (though I am an Obama fan) I will just say that I love that arugula is on the cover and we imagine the mug of beer to be Belgian, like its photographer:
Congratulations Damien!

In other family news, my father, an actor, often works for Fark TV - a group that does comic take-offs on what is happening in the news or at the movies.
This first one is called "O.J. Eleven". My father is in the Bobby Riggs-like wig playing Pete Rose:

Below are links to a few of my favorites, all of which have my father in them:

"Gay Miracle on Ice"

"No Country for Little Men"

"Celebrity Softball - Lobbyists Versus Potheads"

"George Clooney In the E.R."


Alecto said...

Oh Madeline, that is hilarious! I'll have to come back to see the other three links. I needed a laugh, thanks!

(nice photo on Newsweek!)

kenneth said...

i love the gay miracle on ice - how awesome - i am so proud of him!

Cami said...

Oh my gosh, what a talented family you have!! BTW, I'm an Obama fan myself ;)

karl said...

so very funny. i'm for obama too. i fear that there aren't enough of us though.

Deanne said...

You're Dad is awesome! The Celebrity Softball was hysterical! Thanks for sharing those. :D

Madeline said...

My father will be so glad that y'all (he's a southern gentleman) liked them. I'll have to add his favorite one - about George Clooney.

The Browns said...
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