Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back to the farm

The farm was a welcome sight yesterday, though I wasn't ready for it still to be so darned hot .

It's hay baling time:
As great as these two weeks away were, I was really glad to get back to fresh vegetables. Eating in that cafeteria at the conference made me appreciate how lucky we are.

Gillen is carrying Red Cayenne peppers (and is still wearing his arm band from the cafeteria - not completely ready to be home) .

I ate lots of these Nebraska Wedding tomatoes yesterday:The okra greeeeeew!
So did the ducklings:


Alecto said...

My girls don't take their wrist bands off either after coming home from something wonderful. Those are wonderful farm shots and I'm sure you're glad to be home!

Miranda said...

I still have my wristband on, too! I am tempted to leave it on until the next conference for me-probably Flo's! It was great to meet you this year and I hope we can meet up again sometime.

Sara said...

Beautiful pics! Welcome home.

Donck Family said...

welcome home , I have missed the news from the farm and family for two weeks. thanks for all the beautiful photo's .
We hope to visit soon. DD