Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A reveal

This is the corner of the kitchen where our refrigerator usually stands. Nicolas realized that it was leaking and we moved it outside (where it now no longer leaks) in order to pull up the linoleum, dry out the floor and then re-glue it all back to normal.

Moving the fridge meant removing part of the wall, which meant revealing dingy, tired (and filled with some tiny shells of dead animals) insulation and revealing decades-old paint colors that don't match the rest of the kitchen, to our visiting friends from MN (well, originally) who, last Sunday, were coming to call.

As if they cared. They were too busy being cool about the fact that Kyra's arm had gone straight through a cracked window in our door. Thankfully, she only had a small cut on her elbow but I sure would have preferred that we'd fixed that pane before their visit.

Actually, we had a great day. They may even return. ; )

I only bring this up to reveal a corner of my home and life that is far from perfect. I have many. I usually don't dwell on these corners. I'm pretty great at finding the pearls. But today, despite laughing boys playing with their visiting friend all day and lots to keep me looking up, I got stuck in my head for a while. You know, that self-indulgent, no-real-reason-for-having-emerged mood where you want to shut the door and watch old movies all day, alone.

I didn't.

The tile is back down and the fridge goes back into place tomorrow, with lots of leverage under it to keep it from leaning on our sloping floor. I too am feeling myself pulled back into balance.

Every once in a while, the cobwebs need to be seen. Don't you think?


laura said...

i think the cobwebs should be spray painted with gold glitter paint!!!!

i have crooked areas too, in the house and in myself. i like trying to focus mainly on the straighter places...BUT i don't think we, or our houses, would be half as interesting without our crooked places!!!

Alecto said...

Yes, they certainly do and it's amazing how easily some things shift back into place when we stop resisting. I like your corner.

Deanne said...

Thanks for sharing your corners, and the rest of your home with us! Good thing you posted the picture 'cause we didn't get to see that corner while we were there. ;P Glad things are back in balance once again.

Madeline said...

I love what you three wrote. You're some wise women.

piscesgrrl said...

I used to fret more often about my crooked areas and cobwebs, but then I realized that's what I like about my friends - their realness. Seeing the end result, the polished finish, is important - but it's in getting there where we learn so much.

Angie said...

I agree and in honor of that, I'm going to find a corner in my place that I'm not so fond of and post about it too:) We need to see some 'real' house photos instead the cleaned up ones - not that I ever have those!

Besides, love the wainscoating (that's what we call it anyway) on the right wall of that picture. Love that stuff.

Thanks for the idea.